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The participants that take part in Pitchfest are people like you. The entrepreneurs and managers who where looking for investment and support to help them do great things with their ideas and businesses.


Below is the view from a past finalist telling you in their own words how taking part helped them to take their business forward with the experience, advice and in some cases investment they received.

Alex Baker, CleanCar -

What does your business do?


CleanCar's award winning vehicle profiling solution for fleets/company car drivers & private motorists analyses real world journey data delivering a suitability rating & Whole Life Cost analysis. These reports combine with Tailpipe emissions measurements, charge point mapping and fit for purpose, low/zero emission vehicle recommendations to fully inform purchasing or leasing decisions that promotes low/zero emission transport uptake.


What prompted you to enter Pitchfest?


The opportunity to attract investors especially from the West Midlands area.


Did you enjoy the Pitchfest experience?

The process, judging and the event experience all combined to deliver a very positive and useful experience for CleanCar and we would not hesitate to recommend the event to other start up businesses.


What were you looking to fund with any investment won?


We were looking for £300k of investment and whilst we had strong interest nothing has firmed up yet.


Did you get any interest from potential investors after taking part in Pitchfest?


Yes around 4 serious enquiries and subsequent dialogue.


Who inspires you to do what you do?


A belief that low/zero emission powered transport delivers a triple P benefit of Profit (for sustainable employment and further R&D), Planet (via a significant reduction on fossil fuels reliance with positive environmental and geo political impacts) and People (with improved health and well-being from cleaner air and reduced emissions/carbon and noise pollution).


Where do you see your company in five year’s time?

Operating across multiple international territories with its core solution informing the switch to low/zero emission transport for businesses and consumers plus additional involvement in emerging tech solutions that enable vehicle to grid power management plus enabling smart multi modal mobility solutions in the connected car era.


Which customers are you working with at the minute?


Lex Autolease, Bae, Uber, Energy Savings Trust.


What’s your proudest entrepreneurial achievement so far?


Enabling the second largest sale of electric vehicles in the UK (Bae – 50 electric vans purchased as a direct result of the CleanCar analysis report).



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