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Pitch Perfect

Singing the right business tune

Pitch in music can be determined only in sounds that are clear and stable enough to distinguish from noise and are not purely objective physical property; it is a subjective attribute of sound. This subjective property is instrumental in representation, processing, and perception of what is being delivered.

These same fundamentals ring true in business.

When someone delivers a business pitch it must be clear enough to be heard above the ever increasing noise in the day to day business environment. Not only that, it must be understood by an increasing diverse audience, giving them the information to make an informed decision which drives them to action.

Venturefest West Midlands will be business’s ultimate version of the X-Factor.

The Business ‘X-Factor’

Venturefest West Midlands is a one-day event which brings together over 700 entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to meet, engage and discuss ideas from the science, knowledge and technology fields. The day offers networking opportunities alongside a conference and exhibition for presenting practical advice, stimulating ideas and funding options to entrepreneurs and start-ups particularly in the science, knowledge and technology fields.

On the 23rd of June at the NEC, Birmingham, Venturefest will also be host to the region’s most innovative businesses as they as they pitch in front of an esteemed panel of investors. This is the culmination of a unique pitching competition, Pitchfest, which gave an opportunity for entrepreneurs within start-up, early stage and growth businesses to increase their profile in front of a national audience of investors.


West Midlands has innovation at its heart

While the pace of economic growth in Birmingham and the wider region has been slowing, it is clear to see from this competition that there are still areas of significant strength.

Birmingham and the West Midlands is home to largest regional tech and digital media cluster in the UK, together with a rich entrepreneurial environment, having more start-ups than any other city outside London for 3 years running. The region is a talent hot spot for innovation and technology with a wide range of successful start-ups, SME’s and international companies, 5 city centre universities and a further 15 within one hour, and over 100 tech and digital Centres of Excellence all within the area.

The West Midlands also offers a very exciting proposition for life science & automotive companies.

With a vast range of centres of excellence coupled with its enviable proximity and connectivity, it is THE region of potential for Life Science in the UK. With the opening of the brand new Phenome Centre at University of Birmingham to the world famous Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the region presents established and notable clinical practice alongside cutting edge research and innovation. This is true of digital as well as traditional healthcare pathways.

Within the automotive industry as well research and development is a core strength.  The UK leads Europe in collaboration between universities and the industry. We are seeing more activity and investment in R&D with the expansion of existing technical centres and companies looking to establish UK R&D facilities. This is creating opportunities in e.g. modelling, simulation, prototyping and testing. There is a huge demand for these new technologies throughout the domestic supply chain as well as overseas investors.

Find out more

Venturefest West Midlands is for anyone who wants to learn about the latest technology developments in their area or sector, find out about access to funding and investment, develop relationships with innovators and entrepreneurs or see the latest up-and-coming opportunities pitching for resources, contacts and finance.


Register to attend, see the Pitchfest finalists, conference programme, exhibiting companies and see who else from your local innovation community will be there.

And I’ll give the final word to the Prime Minister: “Our aim is to be the best place in the world to start and grow a business. And the Venturefests are a fantastic way to make that happen.”

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